Our Story

Gallery owner Kraig Foote opened Art One in 1993 with a single goal in mind: Provide a space for students and up-and-coming local artists to freely express their art and gain experience in the art world.

Throughout the past 27 years, Kraig and his team have worked directly with high school and college art students, as well as hundreds of other artists throughout Arizona. Artists like Ian Davis, Kyllan Maney, Erik Gonzales, and Steven Yazzie all got their start at Art One. 

Soon after, Art One ventured overseas for five years to run a non-profit student gallery in Zurich, Switzerland, which was so graciously funded by a long-term Swiss client. 

In 2004, after much success, Kraig launched a local non-profit called the Newlon-Foote Foundation. Our newly renovated version of this is called The Art One Foundation for Student Artists, and it provides art and school supplies, as well as tuition assistance, to qualifying student artists. 

After 27 years of continued support, hundreds of people have been inspired by Kraig’s mission and have flourished beyond their own expectations.


Max Smith - Manager

Current student at ASU

Employee since 2008

Clayton Birtcher - Assistant Manager

Performing musician

Employee since 2015

Taylor Tremblay

Current student at ASU

Employee since 2019


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