The Art One Show

The Art One Show:

#12 Kyllan Maney

Kyllan Maney is a high school art instructor at New School For The Arts in Tempe, Arizona. She’s earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in painting from Arizona State University. Kyllan highly values art education and its importance to our youth. She teaches everything from painting with mixed media, drawing, murals, portfolio building and serves as the Head of the Arts Department on campus.

The Art One Show:

#11 Sal Cosenza

Longtime local artist, friend, and comedian Sal Cosenza, shares his experience with the arts and being a professor during a pandemic.

The Art One Show:

 #10 Grayson Barrett 

In our newest installment of the Art One Show, we take a look into 9-year-old Grayson Barrett's art studio and talk to him and his mom about his techniques, inspiration, and more!

A Message From Kraig Foote and Art One Gallery

Enjoy a quick word from Art One Gallery owner Kraig Foote about how we're staying busy during these times.

Meet the Staff at Art One Gallery

Take a minute to get to know the staff at Art One Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ!


The Art One Show - Season 1 Recap

Here are all nine introductions to the artists featured in the first season of our interview series, The Art One Show! Season 2 coming soon!

The Art One Show Episode 1 - Pat Cain

Pat Cain is the first artist to be featured in our new video series! Pat was an art teacher in Michigan for 30 years before she retired to Arizona with her husband Richard. She is one of our most prolific artists, bringing us new paintings nearly every week, so keep an eye out for her work on our website!

The Art One Show Episode 2 - Steven Allison

Take a look into the inspirations and techniques of local and student artist, Steven Allison. Steven is just about to complete his senior year at ASU with a Bachelor's in Fine Art. Prior to ASU, he earned an Associate's in Digital Art from Mesa Community College. He uses a variety of mediums to create pieces which portray a central theme of "connection".

The Art One Show Episode 3 - John Babbitt

This week, we interview a local favorite, John Babbitt. We've been representing John's work for the last 15 years, and in that time he's sold over 700 paintings. He's grown into one of our most established artists and continues to produce new work regularly. Watch for his new inventory at our website!

The Art One Show Episode 4 - Amy Floyd

Join us as we interview local painter and teacher, Amy Floyd! Amy creates detailed, fluid abstract paintings which she shows in the gallery, and also brings us the art projects from her students at the Autism Academy for Education & Development. All of the money from the students' sales are donated directly back to the Academy to keep their art program flourishing.

The Art One Show Episode 5 - Ra/Soo

In this episode, Taylor interviews one of our newer local ceramic artists, Andrew Rosseau. Andrew shows under the pseudonym Ra/Soo. Learn more about his funky style, techniques, and inspiration!

The Art One Show Episode 6 - Nestor Martinez

Check out this exclusive interview to learn more about local artist, Nestor Martinez, as we discuss his experience showing here at the gallery. Nestor started as a high school artist and has been showing with us for over 10 years now.

The Art One Show Episode 7 - Tom Stephenson

Listen to an in-depth conversation with local artist and free-hand airbrush connoisseur, Tom Stephenson! Learn more about some of his inspirations and why he chose airbrushed acrylics as his medium of choice.

The Art One Show Episode 8 - John Newson

Here is an in-depth discussion with longtime local artist, John B. Newson III. John has been an Art One veteran for several years and continues to inspire us with his unique relationship and approach to the arts.

The Art One Show Episode 9 - Logan Larkin

On the season one finale of the Art One Show, student artist, Logan Larkin, shares his experiences attending Parsons School of Design in New York City during a pandemic. As he goes into his senior year, he is bracing for the challenges ahead! We started showing Logan's work in 2017 when he was just a high school student and continue to represent him throughout college.