Please review and complete the following criteria for submitting your artwork for display at Art One.

USB Drive, Disc or E-Mail

Compile the info in this checklist onto a USB Drive, CD, or email for us to review at anytime.

 **We receive submissions daily so please be patient with us. Feel free to follow up with us after a week or two to check and see if we've reviewed your submission. We do not respond to EVERY submission that we receive.**

Student or Local Artist?

Please indicate whether you're an active student or a non-student living in Arizona to be eligible for submission. We strictly represent student artists from all over the US, and local non-student artists. 

Deliver By Mail or In Person

You may personally deliver your submission to us at anytime or mail it if it's more convenient. Don't forget to include your contact information! Our email address is

Images of Your Inventory

We want to see what you're currently working on! Include high quality images of pieces that are available and have been produced within the last year.

Artist Biography

Tell us about yourself! Give us some background on who you are, your artist statement, and some additional information about your work.

Desired Prices

We'd like to know what you think your art is worth. We'll work with you when the time comes to discuss pricing, but keep in mind our inventory is typically capped around $1500!

Dimensions & Medium

Given our limited gallery space, the size of your work can be an important factor. Please include the dimensions and medium of your submitted artwork. 

See If You're A Good Fit

Thumb through some pieces at the gallery in person or go through our online catalog to see if your artwork will be a good addition!

Resubmit Anytime

If we don't have clientele for your artwork at the time of submission, please feel free to resubmit later on!

Important Additional Information (please read):

If you hand-deliver your submission to the gallery, an employee will take your CD or USB drive for later review. Please realize we are unable to review your submission in person. Please also understand CDs and USB drives will not be returned unless otherwise requested. As stated above, we select artists based on the clientele we have, and leave our personal tastes out of the decision. If you've been selected to show with us, please make sure your work is properly equipped to hang on our walls or be displayed otherwise; any works which are not will be sent back and will require a later appointment to drop off.